THIS FREE SITE is about building and using Television Antennas for home use. I show how to construct an economical and functional TV antenna using simple tools and skills then set it up. You Can Do This. The instructions and videos are only a guide, be creative with what you have at hand and you will be successful. U.S. Based UHF, HI-VHF. 

There is nothing for sale here, so..

Build it !

All around favorite of builders and users alike. A time tested and proven winner for UHF since 1956.

The old reliable antenna since the first days of radio along with new designs to match the current UHF spectrum for better lower frequency response.
Very Important ! Often dangerously overlooked as part of your home tv antenna setup. A confusing subject unpacked plainly.
  @ your location. Get a comprehensive report showing you where to point your antenna.

Build It !

 Check out the Theory Page and do some reading, a little background really helps. Once you have the basics down, be creative, experiment, tinker, discover. But most of all, Enjoy building something you can use everyday.

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My main YouTube channel has been permanently deleted by the wizards at Google. This means I no longer have control of my Cosmic Antenna channel, it's there working as usual, only I can't administer it and I can't answer in the comments section. I can still be reached via the email link on the website.

The videos play on this site and on YouTube for you to watch but I can no longer see them. This also means I can't update the video list with the new material that is now gone. This action by YouTube pretty much washes it for my relationship with them. Their arbitrary deletion of my work without explanation as to why is unacceptable, appeals and tech support are useless. My stance is, they have stolen my intellectual property and are using it for profit because you have to watch two ads to see my video and they take the revenue. Poor business. 

I have no plans to start another channel on their platform and will not do business with Google or YouTube in the future. 

It's been a great run and I have had fun, but this is the end. The Cosmic website along with the Cosmic YouTube channel will remain live so builders can utilize the content I worked so hard to create. I thank you all for your participation over the years. Good Building and have fun doing it , THANKS.

Michael @Cosmic 



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